Boiler installations

We’ve been installing and maintaining boilers for homeowners, landlords, schools, public buildings and commercial businesses across Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire for more than 30 years.

Our team of expert engineers are on hand to install any boiler you choose for your home. All our engineers are Gas Safe certified and Oftec registered, so you’re always in safe hands.


Once you have chosen the right boiler, it’s time to get it installed. Whether it’s time for a change or you’ve had an unexpected breakdown, we can get your new boiler installed quickly and efficiently. 

Choosing the Right Boiler - The Basics

There are three different types of boiler:

  • Combi
  • Conventional
  • System boiler

Which Boiler Is Right For You?

The answer is always, it depends. Why not call one of our friendly team to discuss your needs on 01724 843703, for honest, no obligation advice.

In simplistic terms, some of the key things you might consider include:

  • If you want to save space in your home then a combi boiler could be the best option for you - combining the heating with hot water. 
  • A system boiler is a more efficient alternative to a conventional boiler, which is useful for larger households who require a stored water cylinder. 
  • Which boiler you choose will depend on the size of your house, how much hot water you use, how much room you have for a boiler and how energy efficient you want to be.

You’ll also want to choose the right size of boiler for your home - something we’re more than happy to advise you on. This will also depend on the size of your home, your hot water needs and where the boiler itself will be positioned in your home. 

What to Expect During Installation

  • On the day, we’ll gather our facts - how many radiators you have, how many bathrooms you have and your water pressure. 
  • We’ll cover up your carpets and surfaces, and make the installation as quick as possible - if it’s a straightforward boiler only swap it can be done in under a day.
  • We suggest you stick around to get a run-through of the new boiler controls when installation is complete.

If you choose a Worcester Bosch boiler, we can now offer 10 months interest free on all purchases. Get in touch to find out more.

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