Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps don’t produce any harmful emissions, unlike carbon based fuels such as Natural gas, LPG, Oil and solid fuel.

There are two main types of heat pump: ground source and air source. What they’re able to do is convert external energy into heat for the home, multiple homes or your commercial unit. 

Heat pumps will:

  • Cut your carbon emissions
  • Make you eligible for government incentives
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (If commercial)
  • Heat your home and hot water effectively
heat pump

Government incentives can help with the higher upfront costs that you get with a heat pump when compared to a boiler, check your eligibility with one of our team.


How are heat pumps installed?

Air source heat pumps are fitted to exterior walls or positioned on the ground. You will need a sheltered and safe place as well as plenty of room around it.

You’ll also need some room on the interior and once it’s all setup it can be connected to your system.

Ground source heat pumps are a bit more complex as it requires space and, potentially, heavy machinery to install. We can take you through all the requirements.


Reduce  your carbon footprint

To make an enquiry on how this could work for your business or home, please call our friendly team on 01724 843 703

If you would like to learn more about heat pumps, our skilled engineers have put together a blog for you: Air Source Heat Pumps: Everything You Need To Know.




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